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Are you interested in joining our team?

Please visit to download yours today or visit the Fire Hall


Welcome to the Marystown Volunteer Fire Department! It is our pleasure to provide this website to you, the viewing public. Please take a moment to browse our department and meet our  Firefighters.


The Marystown Volunteer Fire Department serves approximately 5,400 residents from the centrally located Fire Hall on McGettigan Boulevard. The Fire Department has 30 very dedicated volunteer Firefighters who serve the community 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. Our Firefighters are always busy answering emergency calls, training to protect the residents, educating the public and participating in community events.


Our Department has a fleet which consists of a Fire Chief's Vehicle(Unit #1), Ladder Truck(Ladder #1), 2 Pumper Trucks(Engine #2 & #3), 2 Rescue Vehicles(Rescue #4 & #6), Pick-up Truck(Mobile #5), and a Hovercraft(Rescue #7). We also have our first Fire Truck - Engine #1, a 1967 Dodge, on display in our Gerard J. Kelly Memorial Firefighters Heritage Museum!


Feel free to also follow us on Facebook at and Twitter @MYSTVolFireDept. 


Enjoy your visit!

- Your local Firefighters!

Fire Prevention Parade Video


Public Notices...


Does your home have an alarm monitoring service which includes smoke and/or heat detection? If so, we kindly ask that you do a few things to help us reduce the increasing number of false alarms we are receiving: 
- Ensure your service provider contacts you first to confirm an activation. Also, call to notify us if the alarm is a false activation, such as by cooking. 
- Ensure the civic number and street name they have on file for your home is correct. 
- Ensure your monitoring service has the correct local fire department and emergency number listed.

It is important to know that just because you silence the alarm on the panel, that doesn’t mean we aren’t being notified and dispatched to your residence. Therefore, notification of a false activation is very helpful.


Thank you for your cooperation!

Reducing False Alarms - November 28th, 2017.JPG

Safety Alerts...


Important Information for REPORTING EMERGENCIES:



* A 911 Call Taker will answer with, "911, what is your emergency?"

* Stay on the line, remain calm, listen carefully & speak clearly when asked for the information outlined below:

1) Your name and phone number;

2) Location of the emergency (street address, on a highway or other identification details); and

3) Type of the emergency (are the police, fire and/or ambulance required).


The Call Taker will direct your call to the appropriate emergency service(s) with you on the line.


If you call 911 by mistake do not hang up, please stay on the line & notify the operator that it was a mistake. Under the Emergency 911 Act, false, frivolous or vexatious calls to 911 are an offense with possible penalties of up to $1,000 &/or imprisonment upon conviction.


We encourage reporting of emergencies via 911.



* Once you call our 7-digit emergency number, you will either hear a recording or talk directly to one of our Firefighters.

* Please do not hang up when you hear the recording! Our pagers have already sounded & 30 firefighters are listening for you to report your emergency after the tone sounds. Remember to remain calm & talk clearly!

* Ensure you provide us the following information when you call:

1) Your name and phone number;

2) Location of the emergency (street address, on a highway or other identification details); and

3) Type of the emergency.


If you dial our emergency number by mistake, please wait until after the tone & state you have called the wrong number.


When reporting an emergency via 911 or (709)279-1333, our Firefighters are notified by pagers & a secondary notification system, e-Dispatches, which sends alerts to our mobile phones.


Having your civic number posted is important & providing us with all information possible will assist with an efficient response.


Our Firefighters are on call 24/7/365 & ready to respond to all emergencies!

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