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President - Nicole Keating
Vice-President - Kristen Nolan

Secretary - Victoria Bolt
Treasurer - Geraldine Martin

Public Relations - Kristen Nolan

Member - Makaila Farrell

Member - Kyla Nolan

Member - Jessica Vallis

Member - Audrey Mallay




The Fire Wrens, the Auxiliary, are a group of current and past Fire Department members partners. This group engages in fundraising initiatives such as the weekly Card Games, and the concession stand at the Demolition Derby.


The funds raised through their fundraising efforts are donated to the Fire Department for equipment and supplies purchases, along with upgrades.


Most recently, the Wrens donated funds to purchase new fire helmets for all Firefighters to replace the aging personal protective equipment(PPE) which is critical to the safety of our Firefighters. Previous to that donation, they provided financial assistance with a Bunker Gear Washer and Dryer, and donated four(4) SCOTT Sight Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus(SCBA) face pieces, and much more over the years. In addition to their fundraising efforts, they also provide cleaning of the Fire Hall and support us in numerous ways.

History of the Fire Wrens

The Fire Wrens began in 1972, while Alonzo Cusick was Fire Chief. The group was formed to help purchase some firefighting equipment, while funds were low and there was little government assistance. The Wrens formed with the regular positions of President, Vice-President, Treasurer, and Secretary, with our first President being Kathleen Leteic.


Funds were raised mostly from Card Games held at the Fire Hall, selling tickets at the Mall, and Christmas Concerts. Most of the prizes for the ticket sales were donated by the Wrens members or other members of our families. The first items we fundraised for were Bunker Suits, and our first big item was a Hover Board used for Ice Rescue as a lot of snowmobiling was going on in the 70's and snowmobiles were going through the ice. Back in the day, we never had Burin Peninsula Ground Search and Rescue so the Fire Department took on the role of rescue as well.


We adopted the name, the Fire WRENS, from a group that was formed in Stephenville. A gentleman from Stephenville was visiting and knew we were struggling to name our group, when he mentioned about a group from his town called The WRENS. The name was agreed to, and we became The Fire Wrens. Elections were held each year, along with monthly meetings.


As our group grew, we added larger fundraisers such as preparing cold plates and selling them to the workers at the Fishery Products Fish Plant. Our group worked closely together with the Fire Department by assisting them with their fundraisers such as a community cold plate open to all residents. Another great fundraiser, was the Annual New Years Eve Ball, that was held at the upstairs of the Fire Hall. We also helped the Firefighters with the Kids Christmas Party, a great social event that was held to bring families of firefighters together, and continues to this day.


The Fire Wrens continue to be a strong headed group of ladies, that are either the spouses or partners of Firefighters or retired Firefighters, even after 47 years of being formed!

A Special Thank You to Carrie Kelly, a past member for over 32 years, for the history overview!

Old Cold Plate Dinners.JPG

Fire Wrens Members

1972 to Present

Tracey Allen

Cheryl Baker

Lorraine Barry

Marina Barry

Keshia Beck

Phyllis Belliveau

Victoria Bolt (P)

Jean Bonnell (P)

Lois Brennan

Marie Brennan

Betty Ann Brenton (D)

Jennifer Burke-Nordby

Alice Chislett

Marie Clarke

Peggy Clarke

Philomena Coady

Jennifer Diamond

Maggie Doyle

Leona Drake

Lorraine Edwards

Beth Anne Emmink

Makaila Farrell (P)

Jennifer Gleason

Lillian Green

Stephanie Hannam

Amanda Hanrahan

Ann Hanrahan

Audrey Hanrahan

Jackie Hanrahan

Joan Hanrahan (D)

Michelle Hanrahan

Nicole Hanrahan

Pat Hanrahan

Roma Hennebury (P)

Ann Marie Hodder

Audrey Hodder

Darlene Hodder

Patricia Inkpen

Nicole Keating (P)

Stephanie Keating

Carrie Kelly (P)

Leona Lake

Gertrude Lambe

Madonna Lambe

Kathleen Letiec (P)

Patricia Letiec

Daphne Lovell

Geraldine Martin

Bride Mitchell

Shirley Molloy (P)

Marion Murphy

Genevieve Murphy (P)

Samantha Nichol

Kristen Nolan

Sandra Nolan

Sarah Norman

Tina Pike

Joan Power

Yvonne Power

Rosie Poulain

Rose Rogers

Violet Rogers

Melissa Saint

Sandra Shallow

Jennifer Shave

Ruth Shave (D)

Star Smith

Monica Snook

Anne Tarrant

Jessica Vallis

Agatha Walsh

Ann Marie Walsh

Barbara Walsh

Mary Walsh

Corinna Warren

(P) - President

(D) - Deceased

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