Junior Firefighters

The Marystown Volunteer Fire Department's Junior Firefighter Program first began in September 2016. The program is open to local students attending grades 10 through 12. Please see below, general information related to the program: 

  • The Junior Firefighter Program cover's topics such as, but not limited to:

- Fire Extinguishers

- Ground Ladders

- Ladder Operations

- Portable Pumps

- First Aid

- Patient Packaging

- Fire Hose and Nozzles

- Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus(SCBA)

- Pump Operations

- Vehicle Extrication and Stabilization

- Ice and Water Rescue

- Hazardous Materials(HazMat)

- Ropes and Knots

- Equipment and Vehicle Maintenance

  • Junior Firefighters complete a drill on each designated night while assisting the Department with cleaning and other support as required.

  • Junior Firefighters attend and provide assistance at Department and Community Events as deemed appropriate.

  • The program is a rewarding experience for all Junior Firefighters with a great sense of pride as a Junior Firefighter in our community.

  • The program is 10 weeks in duration, with Drill Nights each Tuesday/Wednesday.

Check out our Junior Firefighter Photo Gallery on our Photo Galleries Page to learn more about our program and to see the Junior Firefighters in action!

Our next program is tentatively scheduled for September 2022. All new programs will start each September or as announced pending sufficient enrollment. 

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Junior Firefighter Committee: 

Chairperson Paul Snook

Wayde Clarke

Justin Green

Arthur Allen

Shawn Allen

Derrick Hodder

Rebecca Soper

2021 Junior Firefighters with our Firefighters:


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